April 12, 2010

Eats: Belgian Fries

Where: 1803 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5N 4A6 map
Type: Burger joint
Belgian Fries website

Belgian Fries is a cool burger & poutine joint on Commercial Drive in Vancouver. The other day the crew from The 654 happened across it on our way back from the "2010 Record and CD Convention". As it happens, I am a poutine lover and right on the restaurant sign read a good omen "CBC Montreal: The Best Poutine in B.C."! Inside, it's set up kind of like a 50's style burger place. The giant menu board shows the wide range of poutine choices including the one I chose which not only had the usual gravy and cheese curds, but added some bacon, mushrooms and red onions!

Now normally I base the quality of a poutine on the squeakiness of the cheese. The cheese curds at Belgian Fries were fairly squeaky, not the best, but pretty authentic so I was satisfied in that respect. The portions were pretty generous too. We got a medium to share between two people and barely finished it. I'd say a medium poutine is almost enough for a meal for any medium-sized, non-starving individual. Which brings up the only negative point I have about the place and that's the cost. Although making a meal out of a poutine seems to be the cheap man's meal, it's actually going to cost you a meal's worth of dollars. Now (for full disclosure) this may only be a personal opinion as I have been known to be quite cheap. So take it as you will. I think the poutines ranged in price from about $5.50 to $13 for a medium.

Overall, I think Belgian Fries is an awesome place to grab some grub and a bevvie. I can definitely say that I will be back. It's the perfect place to go for lunch on a nice summer day. Sit out on the patio and grab some rays, check out the eclectic folk that The Drive brings out and have one tasty lunch!

Verdict: Eats!!


  1. For the record, I was pretty hungry when we arrived but I could not finish a medium poutine (with lamb sausage-- yum!) on my own.