August 24, 2010

Embarrassing moments with Shaw Cable

Below is a log of the technical support chat conversation I had with Shaw regarding a cable problem:

Your representative has arrived.

Shaw Agent (21:30:30):

Hi. Thank you for choosing Shaw Technical Support Chat Service for Cable, Internet, and Digital Phone;Could we get your last name and address please?

Ponytails (21:30:41):

XXX Avenue YYY city

Shaw Agent (21:30:58):

Thank you! One moment please!

Shaw Agent (21:35:09):

Do you have just the one TV there?

Ponytails (21:35:17):


Shaw Agent (21:35:36):

And it is connected to a HD Digital box?

Ponytails (21:35:40):


Shaw Agent (21:36:19):

You should not be getting a snowy picture from the box... can you check to make sure the TV is set to the correct input?

Ponytails (21:36:56):

I think it is. I can get volume from the different shows and channels but the picture is very blurry and balck and white.

Ponytails (21:37:22):

I have tried changing the tv input from the dvd source back to tv but there is no change

Shaw Agent (21:38:12):

Can you check what kind of cable goes from the digital box to the TV?

Ponytails (21:38:43):

the typical white cable

Shaw Agent (21:39:25):

Is that an HD TV?

Ponytails (21:39:34):


Shaw Agent (21:39:56):

Ok. Well, if the picture is snowy, there is something not right with that cable... can you replace it?

Ponytails (21:40:17):

i will see if we have an extra cable to switch it

Shaw Agent (21:40:26):


Ponytails (21:42:16):

I switched the cable with a new one and the problem remains

Shaw Agent (21:42:41):

Can you make sure the TV is on channel 3?

Ponytails (21:43:50):

well...that's embarrassing

Shaw Agent (21:44:19):

Heh, same here. Should have been the first thing we checked, but because it is an HD DCT, we skipped that step.

Ponytails (21:44:38):

thanks so much. cheers

Shaw Agent (21:44:55):

You're welcome! Please take a moment to fill out the following online survey and contact us again if we can be of further assistance. Thank you for choosing Shaw and have a great day!

August 21, 2010

Subconscious Music

Do you ever get a song in your head and wonder why it's there? This happens to me all the time. I'll be randomly humming a song and then realise afterwards that somebody else nearby is also singing it, but neither of us knows who started it and why. They're just catchy tunes I suppose.

The other day @ponytails and I were in Toronto and I kept getting the Sesame Street theme song in my head. I could not figure out why this kept happening. The first time I realised I was whistling the tune we were on the subway and I saw a guy with a Sesame St. vinyl record and thought "really? Is that where I got the tune? No! Can't be! That's too far fetched."
I then started to realise that everytime we were taking the subway I would start whistling Sesame St.! "Why is this happening!? Why can't I get another song in my head!? Big Bird, why won't you leave me in peace!?!?!?"
And then my moment of clarity! Every time the subway doors are about to close they make a little tune consisting of just three successive notes... they just so happened to be the first three notes from the sesame street theme song!

I love subconscious music.
Everything we do has a rhythm.
Every move we make has a beat.
And I'm just groovin', man.
Wherever I go, I gots music in my soul.