August 24, 2010

Embarrassing moments with Shaw Cable

Below is a log of the technical support chat conversation I had with Shaw regarding a cable problem:

Your representative has arrived.

Shaw Agent (21:30:30):

Hi. Thank you for choosing Shaw Technical Support Chat Service for Cable, Internet, and Digital Phone;Could we get your last name and address please?

Ponytails (21:30:41):

XXX Avenue YYY city

Shaw Agent (21:30:58):

Thank you! One moment please!

Shaw Agent (21:35:09):

Do you have just the one TV there?

Ponytails (21:35:17):


Shaw Agent (21:35:36):

And it is connected to a HD Digital box?

Ponytails (21:35:40):


Shaw Agent (21:36:19):

You should not be getting a snowy picture from the box... can you check to make sure the TV is set to the correct input?

Ponytails (21:36:56):

I think it is. I can get volume from the different shows and channels but the picture is very blurry and balck and white.

Ponytails (21:37:22):

I have tried changing the tv input from the dvd source back to tv but there is no change

Shaw Agent (21:38:12):

Can you check what kind of cable goes from the digital box to the TV?

Ponytails (21:38:43):

the typical white cable

Shaw Agent (21:39:25):

Is that an HD TV?

Ponytails (21:39:34):


Shaw Agent (21:39:56):

Ok. Well, if the picture is snowy, there is something not right with that cable... can you replace it?

Ponytails (21:40:17):

i will see if we have an extra cable to switch it

Shaw Agent (21:40:26):


Ponytails (21:42:16):

I switched the cable with a new one and the problem remains

Shaw Agent (21:42:41):

Can you make sure the TV is on channel 3?

Ponytails (21:43:50):

well...that's embarrassing

Shaw Agent (21:44:19):

Heh, same here. Should have been the first thing we checked, but because it is an HD DCT, we skipped that step.

Ponytails (21:44:38):

thanks so much. cheers

Shaw Agent (21:44:55):

You're welcome! Please take a moment to fill out the following online survey and contact us again if we can be of further assistance. Thank you for choosing Shaw and have a great day!

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