April 8, 2011

My Favourite Oiler of the year: Ryan Jones

This year it really wasn't that hard to choose my favourite Oiler. There were only a couple in the running and Jonesy blew them away by much much more than a hair's width.

Some of the reasons Jonesy gets my vote:
  • He put up some very impressive stats. At the time of this writing (1 game to go) he has 18 goals and 7 assists on the season. I definitely did not expect those kinds of numbers coming into the season.
  • Not only does Jonesy score, he "gives'er" every night. Jonesy is a fantastic energy player. Going hard every shift and finishing all his hits. Showin' the kids how it's done.
  • The guy is hilarious on twitter (@jonesry28) and shows some real class (or maturity rather) compared to some other NHL players and most of his tweets are either good for a laugh or some inspiration.
  • Oh and he spends a lot of time on twitter talking about how much he loves Edmonton. It's so refreshing to hear an Oilers player genuinely mentioning how much he appreciates the city and the people. There's no question, he MUST be re-signed.
  • And of course there's the hair. I had no idea someone (who's not a hair model) could be so obsessed with their hair. I would say 50% of Jonesy's tweets are either about his hair, somebody else's hair or him replying to comments about his hair. Head & Shoulders please give this guy a contract!!
My hair has unintentionally become a tribute to Ryan Jones' hair. I was just growing it out for no real reason and then put on my hockey helmet the other day and realized I've got hockey hair! Sweet!

  • Speaking of contracts, there's been a lot of talk about re-signing Jones this summer and the Oilogosphere is trying to determine what he's worth. Does it really matter what we're paying him, guys? The Oilers must be well enough below the cap, they're not looking to sign any big name free agents in the next year and the young guys (i.e. H.O.P.E.) won't get any raises for another 3 years. So give him $2M a season if that's what it takes. Just make sure you sign him. This is not a guy we want to have leave town.
Thanks for the season Jonesy, hope to see you in the Copper and Blue next year!

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  1. Awesome hair man long hair for guys a welcome style. So hating short common haircuts