May 1, 2010

Black Leggings

It seems like I can't go anywhere anymore without seeing some chick sporting a pair of black leggings with cute black flats! It kinda sucks because I actually really like to do this style myself, but I hate looking just like a cookie cutter version of every other girl 15-29. It's sad really, because black leggings are so comfortable. They are warm, but not too warm, they go with everything and if someone was going to try to mug or fight you, your clothing would not hinder your ability to fight back or escape (unlike high heel shoes and short, tight skirts).

On Thursday I was walking around Robson street Downtown Vancouver and I saw at least 10 girls wearing black leggings with some sort of cute shoes. The strangest thing was when I saw girls walking in twos or threes and they were all wearing black leggings! I can't understand this! How do you visually set yourself apart? Well I am going to have to retire my leggings! Thanks a lot "girls of the world" for killing this style in a similar way to the overplaying of K-naan's "Wavin' Flag".


  1. Damn. I just bought some more leggings. If I'm over 29 am I not allowed to wear them? Or maybe in my age group I will stand-out as having unique style because my peers will not wear them in groups of 3's. I don't care either way, I like them and I will wear them. This is what happens after 29.

  2. What about if you do a different colour? Or fishnets? Missoula is a little bit behind in fashion... so next time you come visit you can totally wear black leggings and still be 2 years ahead of the fashion here. It would be especially appropriate if they were also long-johns :) come to think of it, I think I need to do a shopping trip this week

  3. True SMP! perhaps I just need to a move to a small town so I can keep up with my favorite over killed fashion trends :). You would look awesome in black leggings.

  4. I don't know much about fashion, so I will just say that I concur with your feelings on this issue.\