May 3, 2010

The Return of Grey Ninja

There's a cat in our neighbourhood that I call Grey Ninja because he's grey (surprise!) and all stealthy like. My first encounter with Grey Ninja was last month when I was sitting at my computer in my bedroom and in my peripheral vision I saw a black shadow slink out of the bathroom. Instinctively, I knew it was not my Jaboo and I got up in time to see Grey Ninja jump out the window. It was obviously not Jaboo, I later realized, because I can unmistakably hear Jaboo coming a mile away. He jingles when he walks, a happy accident with the collar I got him. Plus he's a meowy whiner, unlike Grey Ninja who's practically mute. I like to think Jaboo and Grey Ninja are pals, even if Grey Ninja won't really let me pet him. There are a lot of cats in our neighbourhood including three in The 654 alone, Jaboo and the middle tenants' cats Leo (a newly acquired Garfield-sized behemoth) and Moses.

---Hold up, Grey Ninja just snuck in while I was writing this post!!!---

...anyway, this morning I woke up at 5:30am to some "noises" in the living room. I walked out and found Jaboo sitting in the middle of the floor. Suspecting Grey Ninja might be around, I checked under the futon but found nothing. Either he had already bailed or I was being paranoid. It was stormy outside so I shut the window and went back to bed. A couple minutes later, more scampering sounds from the other room-- Grey Ninja was already inside! As I came out of my bedroom, I caught Grey Ninja out of the corner of my right eye flying back under the futon. Then as I reached to open the window, he instantly appeared to the left of my head and flew out the window.

Until next time, Grey Ninja.


  1. I have totally petted Grey Ninja! You got to work on your cat whisper Jamie.

  2. I learned how to communicate with Jaboo the other day as annoying as it may have been for everyone else around. Try a meow variation. I'm sure it'll work!