May 5, 2010

Flicks: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Welcome to our very first movie review! Since I'm sure there are many many movie reviews out there by people who really know what they're talking about, I will just keep these reviews short and sweet. Point form styles.

The review is broken down into 3 categories:
The Good
The Bad and
The Ugly... Truth.

Check it:

**** SPOILERS BELOW**** (i.e. read no further if you haven't seen the movie!)

THE GOOD (what I liked)
  • Really good story.
  • Movie flowed well. Must be a good director.
  • As this is a murder mystery movie it's always important that the movie tells you lots of information, but doesn't make it overly confusing or seem like it is trying too hard to lead you to suspect the wrong people. This movie did a great job of introducing characters without giving away the ending.
  • Speaking of the ending, it wasn't cheezy. There was no obvious excuse like the old "mental illness" or straight neo-Nazi-ism that seems to be Hollywood's answer in a lot of movies.
  • Really good acting. Being in Swedish it becomes hard to judge acting, but everyone seemed to play their part believably.
  • Good length!! I love it when movies don't try to push my attention span, but still tell a good full story. It wasn't a quick-paced movie, but still kept my attention, which is more than I can say for most movies these days.
THE BAD (what I didn't like)
  • Parts of it were a little too real. Too graphic. I'm sure the book was quite explicit too and I suppose it's always expected out of any European movie, but some scenes were hard to watch.
  • I hate it when subtitles blend in with the background. How hard can it be to make some of the subtitles black if they're on top of snow? Or white if they're in the dark?
  • When Ponytails and I were discussing the movie afterwards we noticed some flaws in explanations. Why was Frode watching Blomqvist? Why did Martin follow Blomqvist into Harald's house that night? These are probably properly explained in the book, but could have been better on screen.
THE UGLY.... TRUTH (my overall opinon)

See it!
First of all, for full disclosure, I have not read the book. Nor any from the trilogy. So you may consider my opinion a little less valid. Nonetheless I think it was a really good movie and I would recommend seeing it. It's not a movie to brighten your day, but it is fun to try to solve the murder case and interesting to see how things are done in Sweden!


  1. Another good point of the movie is they discuss the secret of making good meatballs (Swedish of course but they just call them meatballs there)

  2. I skipped over the spoilers above and directed my attention to your recommendation only. You have me convinced! The trailer looked pretty intriguing too...