May 16, 2010

A Walking Tour

I Love to do walking tours in cities I visit, but I realized today that I have lived in Vancouver for almost three years but not really explored it via walking tour. WELL all that changed today. As Fongo explores Chicago, Baleener and I are going to discover Vancouver. Equipped with our cameras, water bottles, and a free walking tour courtesy of Frommer's Vancouver we set out to find out more about Gas Town, and China town. What followed...a lot more free fun then we had anticipated.

There is just something amazing at seeing something you see frequently and learning the story behind it (like why Gas town is called Gas town). Something even more amazing is seeing something there that wasn't there before. Some examples include; the world's thinnest office building, and a building made to be Victorian style on one side of the street and Chinese style on the other.
And after awhile you just start to notice things because you are for once mindful of what you are looking at.

For me this was seeing a Gorgon head above the entrance to a building in Gas town.
In short I think if anyone is bored and has time to kill look up a walking tour in the place that you live and start to learn a little more.

P.S. While loading the pictures to write this blog a little bird flew into my apartment to say hi. Here she is.

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